Best Place To Sell Domains Online

The price of a domain is going to vary based on a lot of factors. Some investors want an extremely short domain that is easy to brand. Some focus on building niche websites so they want domains with a backlink history (also known as aged domains).

Multiple factors go into what a buyer would be willing to grab a domain name for. The majority of domains sold are for a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars.

Then there are the less common cases that sell for five, six, or even the very rare seven figures or more.

Understanding what factors affect domain value helps a seller keep more realistic expectations of what might be viable.

Best Place To Sell Domains

Three Best Domain Name Forums To Sell Domain Names.

In addition to actual auction sites and marketplaces, another popular option for finding quality domain names to buy or sell come from forums.

This doesn’t mean just jumping onto any hobby forum and looking for the random sales thread. There are three major forums where selling a good domain name could be an excellent option.


The DNForum is all about domains, so it should come as no surprise that this is also one of the top forums for selling domains.

There are extremely active threads for selling domains and websites. Some impressive deals get done for domain names on DNForum domain.

Make sure to have a good contract, use escrow, and if you are new to the space, ideally someone who can guide you through the process of safely selling and transferring a domain name.

What should you look for before buying a domain name?

Check the history of the name. Is there a backlink history? Is that history good or bad? How many websites were built on the domain name and how long ago? These are all very important details that will reveal potential red flags as well as help you to identify potential hidden gems.

Other threads on domain name news, sales from other places, reviews of marketplaces, or domain name value audits/estimates from experienced forum members. These can be invaluable sources of information for domain sellers and investors of all levels.

Web Hosting Talk.

The Web Hosting Talk forum features a lot of threads on various topics aside from hosting, and that includes some very active threads on domain names.

That thread is a good place to get a pulse on what forum members are looking for, and see if the domain name(s) you’re looking to sell could be a good match with the current local demands.

Digital Point.

The Digital Point forum is a well-known forum and as the 50,000 messages under the domain names goes to show, there’s plenty of potential action when it comes to selling domain names.

While the main focus isn’t on domain name sales, this heavily trafficked forum is full of smart online marketers and investors making it a great spot to feel out potential interest in your best domain names.

When looking to sell domains, it’s important to do your homework to figure out the best places to sell these for the best possible price.

Do research on your domains to pitch their strong points to make them more attractive to potential buyers

Use tools or advice from domain investors to get estimates of your domains for sale

Study the major markets and compare pricing

Pick the marketplace you want to sell and list your domains

Follow the tips in this article, do your due diligence, and chances are your domain sales will get the best possible price investors are willing to pay.