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Frequently Asked Questions

Top frequently asked questions about our showcased domains.

What is a Showcase Listings?

A showcase listings is a promotional feature that places a domain in the most visible location within each category within our marketplace.

Why Should I Pay a Subscription?

Most domain marketplaces charge between 9% – 20% if your domain is sold on their marketplace, if a domain takes one year to sell and it sells for $10K you will pay anywhere from $900 to $2000 in commission, with our marketplace the cost will be only $12.00 (12 months x $1.00 a month).

Why ?

With 50,000+ unique visitors to every month, our marketplace is becoming one of the best places for domain investors and domain brokers to promote their domains for 0% commission when sold.

How People Find

Thousands of people visit our marketplace from all the major search engines, and social media.

Will My Domain Be Mentioned Social Media?

Every new subscriber will get a Free mention on our social media outlets which reaches to thousands of potential buyers worldwide.

Can I List Multiple Domains?

Domain investors can list as many domains as they want, each one will need to be listed separately, when a domain sells simply cancel the subscription for that one domain.

What is The Commission Cost?

If you sell your domain on our marketplace you pay ZERO commission, all you pay is your monthly subscription.

Who Does The Negotiations?

You, the owner of the domain will do all the negotiations with no middle men, sell the domain and keep 100% of the income.

How Will Potential Buyers Reach Me?

Your landing page will have a “make an offer” form on it, all buying requests will be emailed to you exclusively.

Can Domain Brokers Showcase Their Domains?

Our marketplace is the best place for domain brokers to get their domain in front of as many potential buyers as possible, for only $1.00 a month and 0% commission fees it makes all the sense in the world.

Who Handles The Escrow?

Ready for escrow? we highly recommend to use, one of the largest, safest way to buy and sell domains worldwide.

Is There an Agreement/Contract?

No agreements, No contracts, you may cancel your subscription at anytime no questions asked.

Where can I sell my domain?

There are plenty of domain aftermarkets out there to list your domain, Godaddy, Sedo, are some of the major sites to list your domain for sale, you can list your domain for sale for FREE but if your domain sells you can end up paying up to 20% commission.

How to sell domains for free? is one of the few domain marketplaces that charges 0% commission if your domain is sold, there is a small monthly subscription which is a lot cheaper than paying up to 20% commission on a domain sale.

How long does it take to sell a domain?

Domain selling is like selling real estate, you won’t sell a home in a day or in a week, it will take a few months, same with selling domains, if you have a valuable domain that is priced just right, you have a good change in selling your domain within 6-12 months, there is no exact date, some domains sell in days, some in a few years.

What's the best domain extension?

The most popular domain extension in the world is .com, the .com extension is the most recognizable, easy to remember domain extensions out there, Voice .com sold for $30 million proving that .com is the king of domain extensions.