Where To Sell Domain Names

Selling domain names can be a very profitable investment, however, finding the right domain name is only part of the battle. Finding the right place to sell the domain name for the highest amount is a major part of making the process profitable.

Where To Sell Domain Names

There are multiple options for selling premium domains, but some marketplaces are considered better than others. Where are the best places to sell domains?

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Six Best Domain Name Marketplaces To Sell Domains.

There are dozens of potential places to sell a domain name online, and that’s even before considering private deals. Six marketplaces stand out from the rest when it comes to domain sales.

GoDaddy Auction.

GoDaddy Auction is one of the huge names in the space, and they continue to really grow in both size and influence. GoDaddy Auctions is one of the first placers many domainers go to find quality used and expired domains.

Many unused or new domains are also put up for auction. The auction place is a great option for brandable domains, expired domains, and premium domains.

Along with GoDaddy being a universally recognized brand, that selection attracts a huge number of serious domain buyers. Because of that, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that this is one of the largest marketplaces for selling domains.

An annual membership to GoDaddy Auctions costs $4.95 and gives members access to every publicly listed auction on the platform.

One major drawback: the pricing for sellers is definitely on the expensive side of things compared to most other marketplaces.


Flippa takes pride in being the largest unvetted marketplace in the world. That doesn’t just include already made websites and online businesses but also domain names.

This is a marketplace many sellers go to see the demand for their specific domain names. Some great deals can be found here, but make sure to use tools like Ahrefs backlink checker and the Wayback Machine to check the history behind a domain name.

The $10 listing fee for a domain is cheap and the success fee is a percentage of final sale that varies based on the final price.

Namecheap Marketplace.

The Namecheap Marketplace focuses specifically on domains. Also referred to on-site as the “Buy It Now” listings, this is where Namecheap allows domain name owners to list them for sale at a set price.

This takes the place of an auction system that way the price is clear and set by the domain owner. It’s free to list a domain, but a 10% transaction fee off the sales price will be applied.


Domain sellers need to know that eBay isn’t just for making money after cleaning out the garage. They have long been an online marketplace where many domains, digital products, and other similar products.

There’s even an entire section of eBay that is dedicated to domain sales now. The eBay domain name services section still serves this purpose and has thousands of domains listed for sale.


At one point Sedo was consistently the largest market for used domain sales. While they have been surpassed by other marketplaces in terms of sheer sales, they are still one of the best marketplaces to sell a domain.

Sedo offers the option for listing fix-priced costs for buying a domain in addition to an auction-based model. Buyers and sellers have the option of choosing which they prefer. This versatility is fantastic.


Bido is a domain name auction place that focuses on domains that show demand. They have a community that votes domain names to auction and bids from there.

This is a much smaller marketplace with only a handful of domains up for sale at any given time. However, sometimes there is a real gem of a domain name listed with less competition bidding on it than most other markets.